08.11.1397 – 28.01.2019


Western Basin Water Resources Management, is one of the MEW’s development projects. Using of the project cost funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB-84.5%), Islamic Development Bank (IDB-11.4%) and Government of Afghanistan (GoA-4.1%) the project has been started and in completion in the Western Region of Afghanistan.


The main objective of the project is to improve the livelihood level in the area under the project, via improvement of the agricultural income.

The activities under the ADB component of the project is already completed and the component is closed at the end of 2017.


The planned activities under IsDB component are the Rehabilitation and Upgrading of 17 irrigation canals in Pashtun Zarghun District of Herat province, training of 240 participants from the involved departments, and 500 Mirabs, Water Users and Farmers by conducting short term trainings.

Based on the agreement signed between the donors ADB, IDB and the government of Afghanistan, the Project Management Unit (PMU) is established for overall management of the project and the Project Consultancy Coordination and Implementation Unite (PCCIU) is established to manage the activities under the IDB component in Herat Province.

According to the signed contract between Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) and the United Nation Food and Agriculture Organization(UNFAO), FAO have been hired as the consultant for Design, Supervision and implementation of the project. After completion of the contract (30.06.2017 – 09.04.1396) FAO didn’t agree to extend the contract. In closed coordination with Hrirud Murgab River Basin Agency (HMRBA) the project activates are following by PCCIU in Herat. Following the advises from MEW’s high management and in coordination with respected departments and donor (IDB) the project’s administrative activities are performing by PMU in MEW-Kabul.  

Considering the above explanation followings are information to the listed issues:

  1. Shor introduction of the project?

Answer: The loan Agreement AF-0026LN titled, Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Irrigation and Water Resources Management in Pashtun Zarghun District is signed between the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Islamic Development Bank.

Based on the mentioned agreement, as a part of the Ministry of Energy and Waters’ development project, rehabilitation and upgrading of 17 canals in Pashtun Zarghun District of Herat province is in progress. The managerial activities of the project in Kabul-MEW is following by the Project Management Unit PMU according to the advises from MEW’s high management and in coordination with the respected departments. There is no any organization titled IDB, in MEW.

  1. What is the objective of the organization in MEW 3- What is the role of the organization in MEW?

Answer: The Managerial activates of the Western Basin Water Resources Management Project in MEW-Kabul, is following by Project Management Unit according to the advises from MEW’ high management and in coordination with the respected departments and Donor.

  1. What are the activities done?


  • As of 30.06.2017, 255 participants from respected departments and 516 Mirabs, Water Users and Farmers from the 17 planned canals are trained. Therefore, the training plan for the participants from respected departments and Mirabs, Water Users and Famers are applied 106% and 104% respectively.
  • As of 28.01.2019 – 08.11.1398 in four contracts, from 17 canals:
  1. Rehabilitation works of 1. Spertan 2. Rubate Shahryar 3. Salimee canals
  2. Rehabilitation works of 1. Fushkan canal.
  3. Rehabilitation works of 1. Mirhasa Canal
  4. Rehabilitation works of 1. Toran, 2. Boryabaf e Afghani, 3. Boryabaf e Qabchaqi, 4. Marabad, and 5, Nahr e Nawab canals

The rehabilitation works of 10 canals are completed and the rehabilitated canals are in use by the farmers and water users.

 What are the ongoing activates of the organization?


Answer: In two following Projects:

  1. Rehabilitation Works of Shaflan Canal
  2. Rehabilitation Works of   1. Qayestan,   2. Yahya Abad,   3. Rawandan,   4. Ghowparwa,  5. Dasht i Nizan and 6. Taqcha canals

Rehabilitation works of 7 canals are in progress and will be completed by end of 1st Quarter of the Fiscal Year 1398.

  1. What are the planned activities of the organization?

Answer: The planned activities under the IDB component of the project will be completed by completion of the two ongoing projects. Including the extended time, the loan Agreement will be ended and the project will be closed on 30.06.2019 – 09.04.1398

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