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In order to attract and encourage national and international private investments in the energy and water sectors in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Energy and Water held a large conference on 11th August 2022 at the Intercontinental Hotel Kabul and offered the existing investment opportunities in the energy and water sector to the national and international investors. Following the conference, the energy program directorate has evaluated its projects based on prioritization, hence, we are pleased to submit the following two important projects for tendering through open competition, in the form of a public-private partnership model (PPP):

  1. The 10MW Solar Energy project of Paktika province center (Shahrana), (First Phase: 2.5 MW)
  2. The Electrification Project of Khamab & Qarqin Districts of Jawzjan Province

Prospective bidders are hereby informed that:

The Request for Expression of Interest Submission Deadline has been extended from November 30, 2022, to January 16, 2023.

Respected national and international investors who are interested in investing in the mentioned projects can obtain technical information and request for expression of interest (REOI) from the following addresses.

Address: Dar-ul-Aman Main Road, Sanaturiam, Ministry of Energy & Water, Energy Program Directorate.

Contact Number:  0202526049 / Website:       Twitter@MEW_GOV_AF


REOI-Paktika 10MW Sloar Project
REOI-khamab and Qarqin Project

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