To all audiences and mass media!

The Ministry of Energy and Water signed a bilateral cooperation agreement in the field of electricity production, transmission, and distribution with SKM Hwaslik Aniniom Company on Sunday, the 20th of the month of August 2023. The news was published on the Ministry's website and social media with the title "A Bilateral Cooperation Agreement Signed Between the Ministry of Energy and Water and SKM Hwaslik Aniniom Company."
Regrettably, some oral and print media have mistakenly reported this news as "The Ministry of Energy and Water has signed a bilateral cooperation agreement with an Iranian company." It is important to note that this company is not Iranian; it is a Turkish company. The news released by the ministry does not mention the company's location.
Therefore, we kindly request Anees National Newspaper, Sputnik News, Arman Mili Online, Mardum Salari Online, Khabar Online, Daily Faraz Site, Iran Deedban Site, and all other media outlets that have inaccurately published this news to make the necessary corrections and republish the accurate version. We hope that such news errors can be avoided in the future.
Furthermore, we respectfully urge all media outlets to exercise utmost accuracy in their news publications and to present news content in accordance with the original source. Confirming the accuracy of the primary news source is essential in order to prevent any inadvertent or deliberate misrepresentation of news.

Best regards,
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
Ministry of Energy and Water

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