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Estimates of water level rise and floods in some places of the country's river basins from the 8th to the 9th of Jaddi 1401!
 📡🌐inspection and analysis of rain and snow of hydrometeorological stations, the negative effects of climate change, the prediction of rainfall and floods in some parts of the country according to the forecasts of the country's meteorological Department and foreign meteorological and research organizations.  It has been predicted that these sudden rains and floods will occur in the river basins of (Harirod and Helmand).
 ⏲ ​​Floods and high water levels on the mentioned dates, especially on the way of (Badghis, Kashak and Kashan, Herat, Farah, Nimroz, Helmand, Trinkot and Arghandab) rivers Roads and in some of the rivers of the mentioned places.
 👥 Based on this, all those citizens who live on the banks of these rivers are requested with great respect to inform themselves about this issue and during the flood, the people related to the banks of the river and those people who live in the following areas;  In order to protect themselves and their children, they should refrain from going to the banks of the rivers and prevent human and financial losses.
Note: Areas under Flood risk are marked on the map.

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Awareness message ⚠🚿💭

Estimates of water level rise...

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